Information page for new members


We've put this information together in order to answer most questions people have. If you have a question that isn't covered here please don't hesitate to get in touch. Contact details are on the last page.

Golden Rules

  • On arrival, relax! We don't bite.

  • Don't worry about your dog showing you up, it will! We will all have a good laugh and in 2 minutes you'll be laughing at someone else.

  • Dog training is fun.

  • Dog training is fun.

  • Dog training is fun.

Although amusing points they are actually more important than you might realise. If you are calm and relaxed when you arrive your dog will be calm and relaxed. Many new owners don't realise how much their dog takes its cue from them. This is especially the case when you both enter an unfamiliar place. Your dog may be unsure when coming into the club for the first time especially if it is fully of gobby shepherds. Your dog will look to you for guidance, if it sees you walk in as though it is an every day occurance then it will quite quickly settle down and relax. If you come in full of nerves your dog may quickly become nervous. If your dog is nervous don't fuss it, you could inadvertantly be telling your dog it's okay to feel that way.

If you really are nervous about coming in then feel free to come in without your dog at first. Make your introductions, find out we really don't bite then go and get your dog. When you come back you'll have done it all before and your dog will see your confidence and should be happier to follow you in.

Arrival Time
On your first day please arrive at the club by 9:00am at the latest for your induction.

Where to go
Our address is Carr Road, Calverley, LS28 5NE. On arrival please come to the hut at the end of the training field and an instructor will give you your introduction and complete your membership paperwork.

Vaccination certificate
Please bring an up to date vaccination certificate for your dog when you first come to the club.

What to bring

  • Suitable footwear and clothing. We always train outdoors on a field.

  • Training lead. Leather is best as it is more comfortable to use. Avoid nylon "seatbelt" type materials as they can be uncomfortable. Length should be 4 to 6 feet ideally. A training lead with a number of rings so you can adjust the length is a good idea.

  • Suitable collar. A half check (or training) collar is generally regarded as one of the better types of collar to use. A full check or choke chain is not necessary and should never be used on a puppy and certainly not on an older dog without proper instruction first. These can do a lot of harm if used incorrectly. Pinch, spike and electric collars are not allowed. Training is fun and pain is not!.

  • Training treats. Soft easily chewable treats are best. Avoid hard biscuit based treats. Cheese, chicken, hot dogs, ox liver are all popular choices. Be careful to make sure the treats you use do not upset your dog's stomach. It may take some experimentation to find the best ones for your dog.

  • Waste disposal bags. Please take these with you after class as we have no facilty to dispose of these for you.

  • Your sense of humour, you're going to need it.

Training Times
There are three sessions, the first starts at 09:15 and ends at 10:00. This session is for puppies and beginners.

The second session starts at 10:00 and ends at 10:45. This session is for intermediate and advanced handlers and dogs.
There is a 15-minute period from 10:45 to 11:00 when all handlers and dogs work together on the field doing various socialisation exercises.

The third session starts at 11:00 and ends at 11:45, this session is for intermediate handlers & dogs

The instructors will inform you which class you will be in and what time you should attend.

Training Fees
Training fees are kept to a minimum. We charge 5 per week, 50 pence of which goes to our chosen charities. New members are charged an upfront fee of 35 that coveres the first six weeks. After the first six weeks are completed then training fees are paid weekly.

All people wishing to train with the club must be paid up members of the British Association For German Shepherd Dogs (BAGSD). Membership fees are payable annually, the membership year starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st.

Single and joint memberships are available; membership prices are available on request.