The Team

The Association is proud to have been the first canine society to organise weekly training classes with qualified instructors which our branches continue to provide. Instructor Schools are held at regular intervals to provide qualified Instructors for all of our branches and prior to being considered for an instructor's course applicants must fulfill certain criteria including being a member for some time, training their dog to a certain standard as well as being able to commit to the Branch for a period of time after qualifying.

At the Leeds branch we consider ourselves extremely lucky to have such a highly experienced and dedicated team consisting of committee members, instructors and volunteers. Without these the branch would not run in the way that it does. They give their time willingly and without receiving any payment. Why? You may well ask. The answer is unanimous, our shared love for the German Shepherd Dog. Our common aim is to ensure that our GSDs are seen to be well behaved, well trained and an example to all of what a properly loved and trained dog can become.

We do request that you do not feed our instructors. It only encourages them!
Gerard Sheridan
Chairperson & Instructor
Tom Walton
President & Instructor
John Hepworth
Secretary, Instructor
& Webmaster
Sonia Greaves
Joan Smith
Committee Member & Instructor
Chris Dring
Committee Member & Instructor
Tony Moran
Suzanne Lyles
Committee Member & Instructor
Colin Stephenson
Committee Member
Heather Dring
Membership Secretary & Trainee Instructor
Sue Sheridan
Committee Member
David Kelly
Committee Member
Julie Hattersley
Committee Member
Megan Sheridan-Hainsworth
Trainee Instructor
Alan Greenwood
Trainee Instructor